Underwater sculpture movies and pictures in the Caribbean Sea

Underwater sculpture in the Caribbean island country · Grenada. This is a project that Jason Taylor of the sculptor began with support from the government of Grenada from May 2006. You will be surprised if you scuba without knowing anything and discover this.

Details are as follows.
Underwater Sculpture Gallery - Grenada

Gallery of Underwater Sculpture Gallery - Grenada, West Indies

Stone mask

Female statue. I understand that the sea is beautiful because it is beautiful, but if you submerge it in muddy water, you seem to misunderstand that the discoverer is a water corpse.

The image has a model properly and I am taking a mold.

I will carry the finished image to the sea. I feel bad if I line up ....

As time passed, the seaweed grew and the fish came. It is a little grotesque.

Scary statue

The body seems to be made of rebar

The statue of the person heading to the desk

Heading for typewriters even underwater

The top of the desk is dirty, and the color of the image is familiar to the surroundings.

A kneeling statue in the sea

The movie can be seen from below (the contents are the same).

Underwater Sculpture Image Gallery

YouTube - Underwater Sculpture

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