Blizzard finally officially announces the new game "StarCraft II"

"Warcraft" in 1994, original "Diablo" of MORPG in 1997, and "StarCraft" in 1998, and the game makers that all the games out put out worldwide hitsBlizzardFinally as a new game "StarCraft IIWe announced. Atmosphere that seems to be quite interesting.

The official website is already running, you can download high resolution screenshots and artwork, 2 types of trailer movies, wallpaper etc

Details are as follows.
StarCraft II

Screenshot is like this.

In addition, when downloading a movie, download-only software is downloaded first, and when it is started, P2P format software is started and the download starts.

When will the trial version come out, this. I'm expecting that the game here is pretty much complete, but ....

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