Ten cities the most contaminated in the world

Top 25 most beautiful citiesFollowing on, it is a dirty city this time. Even if it says dirty, it is not a story of the level "it is dirty with garbage", but most of it has reached the point of "pollution". This list was announced in 2006 by the Blacksmith Institute, an international institution of environmental research.

The Blacksmith Institute - World's Worst Polluted Places

It was polluted by the world's largest nuclear disaster that occurred in 1986. Even though I picked it up several times in GIGAZINE, the contamination in this area is not easily solved so easily, and health damage is enormous. Between 1992 and 2002, more than 4000 cases were diagnosed as thyroid cancer in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus. Chernobyl currently has a radius of 19 miles (about 30 km) as a no-entry area. Experts predict that these improvements will cost hundreds of billions of dollars, and it is expected to be a significant fiscal burden for Russia, Ukraine and Belarus.

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In Zelzinsk, which was an important base for producing chemical weapons of the former Soviet Union (such as sarin and VX gas) during the Cold War, 300 thousand tons of chemical waste was inappropriately treated between 1930 and 1998 It seemed to have been. As a result, Arsenic, mercury and other substances became mixed in the sources of drinking water in large cities such as Novgorod and it caused serious health damage. In this neighboring cemetery there seems to be a surprising tomb of people who died under 40 years old.

·Bahos de Haina(dominican republic)

It is a place that is said to be "Dominican Chernobyl". Due to the fact that there was a battery recycling plant for automobiles, children living in the vicinity become lead poisoning. The factory moved, but pollution remained.

Lead released by smelters.

The child is standing on the battery.


Copperbelt in Zambia is known as a worldwide copper production area, Kabu is one of its towns. The fate of the town in the vicinity of the mine, the soil contamination around here is terrible, the values ​​of the four metals are higher than the values ​​recommended by WHO. Children sometimes bathe in the waterway flowing from the mine to the town, and they are in a state of addiction due to taking in metal pieces into the body.

·La Oroya (La Roya)(Peru)

La Oroya in Peru. Developed as a mining town from 1922, as a result of the release of many toxic substances, exceeding an allowable amount of lead was detected from 99% of the blood of children. Sulfur dioxide also exceeds WHO emission standards.

Shanxi province seems to be said that it is said that "If there is a resentment to someone, let's make it a permanent citizen of reasonable care." It is an important base of China's coal industry, supporting two-thirds of electricity, but air is the worst in China, local bronchitis, pneumonia, lung cancer is increasing.

Masks are necessities.

The scenery looks cloudy.

Meeting to enjoy German: North China's Linfen · the world's worst water and poor air cities


There was a factory of the former Soviet Union that treated uranium ore more than 10,000 tons between 1946 and 1968. It seems that the first atomic bomb of the Soviet Union was made from uranium made here. This area is particularly rich in population density in Central Asia, although there are still 1.96 million cubic meters of waste left now, the cancer patient seems to be twice as many as the other districts in Kyrgyzstan.


In Siberian city Norilsk, a complex was built using slaves of concentration camps from 1935, and it is known as the northernmost city of Russia. It is thought that this is the most polluted place in Russia, the snow is black, the air tastes of sulfur, the average life expectancy of factory workers seems to be 10 years old lower than the average of Russia as a whole . Norilsk has one of the world's leading nickel mines, soils contaminated with copper and nickel over a radius of 60 km, which seems that many children suffer from severe respiratory system diseases.


Chromate and chromium sulfate are used in the leather factory for the purpose of production, but in the Ranipet there are several wells where high levels of chromium have been found and it is impossible to use, and it is thought that the agricultural land may be affected It is done. Because it is said that about 1.5 million tons of solid waste are stacked in a height of 3 m to 5 m on 2 hectare land, it is natural that pollution occurs.

A red river.

There is something terrible like aza on your body ....

·Rudnaya PristaniWhenDarinegorsk(Russia)

Residents in two cities in the Russian Far East are suffering from acute lead poisoning. In a recent study, lead detected from residential gardens and roadside seems to exceed the standards set by USEPA (US Environmental Protection Agency). Even here the children are being sacrificed and blood lead concentration seems to be 8 to 20 times the maximum allowable value.

Although the above 10 cases are cited as particularly bad, 35 candidates are listed in total.

Full List 2006

It seems that Huaihe River is known as China's most polluted river. "Nanako no River" may be helpful.

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There are quite a lot of cities related to the former Soviet Union, but is that the level is different compared to other districts?

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