An accident movie where birds are coming in while playing sports

It is a movie that summarizes the accident that birds suddenly come in there although they are doing sports seriously. There are many kinds of accidents that birds have caught up, such as birds taking the leading role.

The playback of the movie is from the following.
YouTube - top ten sports - birds moments

The 10 accidents that appear are as follows.

# 10:A bird suddenly falls during the Major League game.

No. 9:Michael Waltrop, a famous driver such as Daytona 500, makes contact with birds during the race.

# 8:In the 1992 tennis Australian Open, a tennis ball hit hard hit the bird.

No. 7:In April 1983, it was a player of the New York YankeesDave WynfieldDuring the game, after finishing the warm-up and throwing the ball to the bat boy, the ball hit the seagull's head and died. Wynfield was arrested on purpose as an animal cruel aimed at birds.

No. 6:During the NFL game, the pigeons cross the eyes of Rashed Davis who ran with the ball.

No. 5:Birds fly during NHL's Capitals and Penguins game.

No. 4:AustralianSandown RacecourseDuring the race, the seagulls who were in the lake which was in the center of the racecourse jumped all at once, five horsemen fell off and the race became ineffective. As a reference articleOverseas horse racing report 2005.

No. 3:In the Major League match,Randy JohnsonThe bird crosses at the moment of throwing the ball and the ball hits directly. The movie with a little image quality is below.
YouTube - Randy Johnson Hits A Bird

No. 2:At the 2006 golf major tournament, the birds are caught somehow to the bunker. The golfer tries to help the chicks, but misunderstood the parent birds misunderstanding that they would take chicks.

The first place:At the 1998 Golf the Player's Championship,Steve RowleyHe finished a spectacular ball on the green floor with a floating island, but the seagull flew away with the ball in the hall. Here is the column that touched on this rarity.

Both monkeys and birds

At the accident involving golf and birds, at the US Open Golf 13th hole in 2007, when Tiger Woods tried to swing the club, the birds flew away and stopped swinging to hurt their hands The story was recently becoming news.

Mitsubishi's Lancer Evolution IX collides with seagulls at 180 mph (290 km). It seems that the place is like the Merham Air Force Base in the UK, and it seems that seagulls have suddenly jumped out when I was flying a car. Because it is crushing momentarily, please be careful if you are not good at picture like blood splashing.

Evo IX is Hit by a Seagull during Top Speed ​​run.wmv - Google Video

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