R2 - D2 moving with steam engine

"R2 - S2" which reproduced all - purpose Robo R2 - D2 which appears in the movie Star Wars, from spaceship repair to electronic lock release using a steam engine. Water vapor blowing out from behind is quite robotic, but the body seems to be difficult to handle because there is a boiler in the body.

Details are as below.
R2 - S2 (R2 Steam Too)

A boiler protrudes from the head.

Various bare behind appearance.

Purge the head. It is quite imitation fake.

I can not see Robo at all from the top.

We use Hasbro's toy for the body. It seems to have a metal sheet and insulated fiberglass in order to protect the plastic body from heat.

It looks like it is actually moving.
YouTube - R2 - S2

This is R2 - D2 made by robot builder David Calkins.
YouTube - R2D2 by David Calkins CampusBot2006

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