Helicopter Accident Movie

Although it is a helicopter that can make complicated movements even in a narrow place or complicated terrain, if a maneuver fails, the rotating rotor turns into a weapon. As a result, it has become a flashy crash spreading parts around.

The movie is from the following.
I tried to rebuild my groundering spirit but I crashed hard.
YouTube - Helicopter Crash !!!

The fragments are scattered around.
YouTube - Autonotate

Impact resistance test of helicopter unmanned. It is pretty flashy broken.
YouTube - H21 Helicopter Crash Tests (video only)

The tire is caught ....
YouTube - Another navy helo crash

Tilt rotor machine Osprey. Crash is also spectacular just large size.
YouTube - Aircraft-Helicopter V22 Crash

With a flap as soon as it took off, the planned fall.
YouTube - Helicopter Crash

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