I forced all menus at Lotteria Cafe Time and came back.

I bought all 5 types of Lotteria Café Time menu newly released today from 14 o'clock in Lotteria, which boldly introduces a new menu. Even in the menu I used ice cream for Afogato because I did not have a takeout container, so I got to get it back home with a dash. Please be careful who you bring home by all means, you will be casting a strange gaze from the surrounding people and dogs.

Let's eat at once.

First of all, AFogato matcha azuki. I am slightly melting.

I coffee matcha ice cream, but the taste of coffee is too strong to ruin the taste of matcha. Perhaps it is incorrect to taste the balance that I think that it is wrong making way.

Afogato vanilla.

Here is ice and drinks fit well together and it is huge. Even if it gets dissolved in muddy, it has a taste like caffe latte with a lot of milk, you can enjoy it tasty till the end.

Chocolat ball. Four cups of 1 cup, actually it's hot.

Inside is like this.

Chocolate cream is contained in the skin of a rice cake like a mondar donut pondering. Because it is hot, the taste of chocolate stands out, and the sweetness spreading in your mouth when biting a soft dough brings a feeling of happiness.

Cinnamon stick. This is neither warm nor cold.

I cut it.

The end is sad.

Cinnamon flavored pie with chocolate inside. It is like a simple sweet bun, but it is safe. Since chocolate is not in the end, please be careful when you divide it into friends.

Claim chocolat

The container is not very deep.

Raw chocolate pudding. It is creamy and soft chocolate with a sense of moist. It is very delicious, but there are places where the amount is small and a little unsatisfactory.

This time I used a coupon that I get one R size drink every time I purchase one Lotteria cafe time desert. However, it seems that the presence of the coupon does not prevail to the store clerk, and a rather elaborate check was done to read small letters displayed on the mobile phone.

I bought five items, so I drink 5 cups.

Lotteria cafe time items are 250 yen each, so if you buy all kinds, it is 1250 yen. A drink fee of 1050 yen floated for each drink for each one. I think that the cost of drinks is low and the profit margins of the products themselves are high, but they are stronger than other coupons.

Coupons are from here. Although it is a site for mobile phones, it can also be accessed from a personal computer.


It is a comment that I tried everything, except for Afogat Matcha Azuki, it is more tasty than the standard. However, if it is said that there is satisfaction of 250 yen, it is a subtle place. It is just like using coupons.

By the way, it is 390 yen when you make a drink set without using coupons. With this set of hamburgers with potatoes and drinks served at 380 yen, is this price setting ok for desserts?

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