Headline news on March 16, 2007

Next MondayMarch 19. Pluto was captured for the first time on March 19, 1915, Konami was established on March 19, 1973, and the invasion of Iraq was started on March 19, 2003.

March 19, 1848 was the day Wyatt Arp was born, on March 19, 1995, Lupine the 3rd voice actor Yasuo Yamada died. Such a day.

So today's headline news.

ITmedia News: Horie sentenced to 2 years and 6 months imprisonment for imprisonment(Livedoor, what about Nikko Cordial Securities?

"Lycos" Revives in Japan - Video sharing service is going to be expanded soon - CNET Japan(Internet service, Lycos comes back to Japan for the first time in three and a half years)

Nico Nico Video Available Users Expands to 200,000 IDs - CNET Japan(Internet service, will this continuing advancing continue?

ITmedia News: Number of US site visitors in February, number one is Yahoo!(Number of accesses, Yahoo! in February 2007 is the top 128 million people)

MS Ballmer criticizes Google's growth speed - CNET Japan(Microsoft, Google has grown too fast)

Coca leaves to the country chapter of Bolivia | Excite News(International, the third largest cocaine producing country in the world)

OKWave Mi Mi to escape reading with Mixi!(SNS, there are people who only do their own topics in any community)

Social Bookmark Search Oh! Fey(Internet service, you can see comments attached by various social bookmark services)

From the e-mail address, the address and telephone number of the person who made the website for the address and phone number which was checked by mixi(Privacy, an example of phishing scam)

Breast tool babooo idea Give up the best breasts(Internet service, Brest support tool for free use)

Search Research Reports Site ResearchSearch(Internet service, just search with the theme you want to research)

ITmedia News: Wii gains first place in the US market(The game seems to have sold 335,000 units in February)

【Game Hard Sales Volume, Hard Different Software Sales Ratio】 Aggregation Period: February 26, 2007 - March 4, 2007) / Famitsu.com(Game, overwhelming Nintendo DS)

Japan.internet.com Daily Research - "DS Lite Refugee" Even after a Year Issued - Survey on Mobile Game Machines(Game machine, that it is hard to get it now)

Japan.internet.com Daily Research - 26.3% of people using mobile phones as music players(Mobile, surely I often see in a train)

Recent home shooters are not only state of the art, but also tide(Difference between game, FPS, TPS and gun shooting)

ITmedia Biz.ID: Possibility of online game conference being caught in "gambling" (1/2)(Law, online currency may even be prize money)

ITmedia News: Blu-ray, declare DVD market domination within 3 years(Next generation standard, asserted that it will be only Blu - ray within 3 years)

MarkeZine: What is Overhaa's new advertising system "Panama (Panama)"? Drastic change SEM (first part)(Net advertisement, the day Google and Yahoo! finally come to fight at full strength in Japan also came)

Tech Mom from Silicon Valley - For advertising-based Web 2.0 trading, it is no exaggeration to say that America is a "promised land"(Net advertisement, maybe Japan will be the turning point in 2007)

Japan.internet.com Web Business - Sword and Magic and Fast Food(In-game advertisement, quite unique point of view)

ATP - On "Emergency Questionnaire Survey" on "Certain Great Dictionary II" Fabricating Incident(The result of the questionnaire by TV, All Nippon Television Program Production Federation is too great)

Ten questions to ask yourself before starting a business | P O P * P O P(Entrepreneurship, do not start up if you can not imagine 100 years later)

ITmedia News: "Japan's drama is out of the question" Awareness of sparse television industry(TV, no act, no story, no action)

Alfalfa Mosaic "After submitting the next day, I was called my homeroom teacher during class."(Education, now Japan is difficult to give decent education)

Bullying and contemporary society BLOG - What is "enthusiast high school", what(Management education, why the school of recent years came to emphasize the human rights of students is this)

The highest number ever! 2007 Metropolitan Junior High School Entrance Examination Summary - [Child Exam (Young, Small, Medium)] All About(Education, past the bubble period to record high)

Kishu Diary - Let's use the fragrant argument that "I like ○ ○ but I dislike people who like ○ ○"(Be careful not to explode yourself in words, boomerang)

Casual Thoughts - a trick that targets the law for hacking(Law, Google knows that our vision can not be realized if we do not hack until law)

Fried chicken Negishi sauce · squid natto · Tofu gratin easy! Relishes of sake - [ABC of cooking] All About(Recipe, it looks very tasty)

Resident Early training materials: courage, fear and the whole(Thought, what is a synonym of fear)

ITmedia Biz.ID: How to name the ideal file(Technique, point should keep rules that you can protect)

ITmedia Enterprise: Secret Way to Improve Linux Performance(Linux, measurement of memory amount)

ITmedia News: Searching for the madomi site "midomi" singing Japan landing "That song?"(Search, just search for the melody of that song that you can not remember)

@nifty: Daily portal Z: factory date(Photo, occasionally going out like this)

I am not your daddy - core problem(Blog, sentences written for core by core people do not reach people other than core)

It's better to quit religion(Thought, but some people are also salvation)

J-CAST News: Yomada Denki Articles Yomiuri VS Weekly Bunshun "War"(It seems that the article was crushed by press coverage, pressure of one company)

Diary of pal - 9999 - So, why Japanese women do not like pills?What is the reason for abortion, reluctant to approve?

ITmedia News: "wiki" is included in the Oxford English Dictionary(Wiki, finally entered dictionary)

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