A movie to be awarded "You are a shoplifter of our 10000th shop!"

A shoplifter is a movie that is honored as a shop clerk, "You are a shoplifter of 10000 in our shop!", A bouquet and cake is offered and an overflowing hat can be covered while fanfare is ringing. This is terrible.

I think I will feel sympathy for shoplifters unexpectedly.

Details are as follows.
YouTube - 10.000 st shoplifter

Perhaps it was better to be caught normally ....


It is a movie of those who try to forcibly break through a supermarket security gate by shopping cart. Naturally it is impossible to do such a thing, it is being caught by security guards.

Still it is very wonderful that the people who challenge do not fail.

Shoplifters Busted !!! Video

The light BGM brings out an extra funny atmosphere.

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