A sequel to the game "GATEWAY" that solves puzzles and leads robots

Game that leads robot previously introduced "GATEWAYThe sequel "Gateway II" was made. After unraveling various puzzles, you can see what kind of story was there.

Access is from the following.
Gateway II

When you start a new game, you will be asked if you need a tutorial. No who is playing the previous work.

There are 4 gates. Let's clear one by one.

The mirror is cloudy when using hot water in the sink.

Videotape discovery. This seems to be seen on the TV in the center room.

A mysterious girl robot.

Apparently the door will not open unless I close my eyes.

There are two contents on the first tape. There are 4 tapes in all.

There are also such puzzles to open the door. PUNISH if the answer is wrong.

Finally in order to help the girl, arrange the video in a time series.

You can understand what kind of story it was if you come here.

After clearing. The girl is gone.

Overall the difficulty of the puzzle is rising and there is quite a fear.

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