Movie of "PONG" expressed in the real world

A game "PONG" that reproduced table tennis on display. It is a simple game that manipulates a paddle expressed by a single line moving only up and down to hit the ball. Because of its simplicity, we bring out the table tennis game in which various people are virtually expressed to the real world as it is, and express it in various ways.

Details are as follows.
PONG with cockroach on the ball.
YouTube - BioPong - Tennis for Two with Cockroach

All human-powered PONG.
YouTube - real life pong

PONG in stop motion.
YouTube - Human Ping Pong

Andy Roddick to play PONG paddle.
YouTube - American Express "Roddick vs PONG"

Clothing that PONG can play.
YouTube - pong dress

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