Hitachi successfully confirmed operation of powdered RFID chip in the world's smallest

Hitachi recently developed a powdered RFID chip with 0.05 mm in length and width and 5 μm in thickness (micrometer), the world's smallest, and succeeded in confirming its operation.

By realizing significant downsizing so far, it can be used for a wide range of applications, such as being embedded in securities such as gift certificates and various certificates.

Details are as follows.
Successfully confirm the operation of the world's smallest 0.05 mm square "non-contact type powder IC chip"
Reduction in size by 1 / 9th of the area ratio of conventional trial chip, enabling you to wrap it into paper

According to this release, it seems that the RFID chip confirmed operation this time realized ultra miniaturization while maintaining the same function as RFID "mu chip" which is already commercialized.

Also, since ID (identification number) data is written in ROM (read only memory) in the manufacturing process, it is not possible to rewrite the number, and high authenticity is guaranteed. By linking this chip with Internet technology, it seems that it can be used in various fields such as security, transportation, amusement and logistics management.

With this drastic miniaturization, the number of chips that can be taken out per silicon wafer has dramatically increased, and it is about 60 times productivity compared with "mu chip" (0.4 mm square) currently being commercialized It is said that improvement can be expected.

The actual chip seems to be like the one on the left in the figure below. The comparison with the one with the hair on the right.

For details, refer to the link below.

Hitachi develops RFID powder ::: Pink Tentacle

Because it will not know where it is attached with this, it will be difficult to remove it easily.

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