A football ground movie bombarded for the 2008 Olympic Games

For the Beijing Olympics to be held next year, China will build a new football ground. As a result, the movie when the explosive dismantling of the football ground which was used for nearly 20 years was done. It is a ruin which can shine in the sunset in a flash.

Details are as follows.
It has been blown up from around 1 minute 21 seconds. Smoke from the bombing wraps around the surroundings, is it okay?
YouTube - Ready for 2008 - The Demolition Of Stadium

A blasting scenery seen from a different position.
YouTube - Shenyang Stadium Implosion

It was built in 1988 in Goli river stadium that was blown up. The Chinese football team Shenyang Kin Tak, who used to be home ground here, seems to have moved to Hunan Province because another team was decided to use the new ground constructed for the Olympic Games.

Pictures of the ground constructed for the Olympic Games can be seen from the following.

Xinhua Shenyang: The construction work of the Shenyang woo body center (Olympic Center), which is also designated as the football stadium of the Beijing Olympics, is finishing this year.

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