"Avant" realizing Mac OS X Dock-style navigation on Linux

The official name is "avant - window - navigator", it is a dock for Linux 's GNOME. License is published in GNU General Public License 2.0.

Because it can be used as Mac OS X Dock style, it helps to make Linux somehow like a Mac style.

Details are as follows.
Avant-window-navigator - Google Code

The interesting thing is that Google's open source website "Google Code" is developed and released. It seems like SourceForge, but if someone you do not know seems to be misunderstood as "Google made it!" In fact, overseas seems to have been troubled by saying that "Google is making Mac OS X-like docks and making it public!"

The authors' blog is below.

The dude abides

There are also many screenshots on Flickr.

Flickr: neiljpatel's photos tagged with avantwindownavigator

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