Facebook inadvertently hijacks an open source project

The original author claims that the app ' Label Actions ' used in Facebook's 'React Native' repository was ported from an open source project of the same name without permission.

Facebook has taken the name of my open source project · Issue # 30395 · facebook / react-native · GitHub


Label Actions is an open source GitHub app that automatically executes predetermined actions just by labeling pull requests for bug reports and code fixes from users. In the React Native repository, when a usage question is written in the bug reporting location, you can tag it as ' Ask on the Q & A site ', or when an update reports a bug that has already been fixed, ' Latest version '. By tagging it as ' use ', the bot responds to the template, reducing the burden on the maintainers who manage the repository.

Regarding the Label Actions, in April 2020, Facebook employees developed a copy application with the same name with almost the same function, and the Label Actions used in React Native has also been moved to the copy version. Discovered by the author of the edition. The author criticized the copy version as 'insufficient respect' and 'probably violating the original version of the MIT license' because the original version of the credit did not exist.

In addition, the copy version of the application is registered in the monetizable GitHub marketplace using the name of 'Label Actions', and the author also said that 'the name was hijacked' and 'the original version of the project' It will be difficult to receive donations, 'he said.

Three hours after the original author's complaint, a Facebook employee who created the copy responded that the copy was migrating its workflow from React Native CI to GitHub Actions, with Label Actions responding to the latter. Because I noticed that it was not, it was created in the process of writing an application with the same function and setting method from 1 in a few hours. I also apologize for forgetting the original credits I intended to list.

Regarding the marketplace, he explained that he had to register with the marketplace when using GitHub Actions. The copy version has been renamed, stating that the right to use the name 'Label Actions' in the marketplace will be returned to the author of the original version, and if the original version supports GitHub Actions, the original version will be reissued. I promised to use it.

The authors of the original version have accepted this and are moving in the direction of reconciliation.

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