A Russian bus stop not considered in Japan

In Japan, the bus stop is strong, although images like a pole with a timetable standing in the city are strong, but the stops made in Russia during the Soviet era are totally different.

It is characterized by overwhelmingly few things that I think at a glance that it is a bus stop.

Details are as follows.
An image of a huge bird.



It is clear that it was made in the Soviet era.

Desert. Nothing is found around.

Why the horse ... is not a bus stop now?

I do not seem to get out as I enter inside.

It is hard to find out at a glance that it is a bus stop.


There are other pictures and commentary on the following link, apparently these bus stops are designed to reflect the culture, history and industry of the area where the bus stop exists. It seems that the state is getting worse due to the collapse of the Soviet Union and aged deterioration, but some municipalities have started preserving this unique stop.

Soviet roadside bus-stops

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