Accident picture with Porsche and birds hit at 250 km / hour

The Porsche running at 250 km / h is an accident picture as a result of hitting a bird from the front straight. If you were running slowly you would not have been a disaster to this point. A bit shocking things are mixed, so please be careful if you are not good at that kind of things.

Pictures are from the following.
Встреча с курицей на скорости 250 км / час - Юрец.РУ - Весёлости из ICQ

It seems that I struck just in the middle of the windshield.

I wonder if the driver was safe.

A sight like a nightmare. It is going to be a trauma.

A bird 's dead body that faced an accident.

This time the car that bumped into a bird is below. Because the maximum speed is 160 miles per hour (about 258 km), it means that I was running at the highest speed at the time of the accident.

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Looking at these accidents, I realize how safe driving is important.

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