Internet Explorer 7.0 download count exceeded 100 million

BeforeWe recorded 3 million downloads in the public 4 daysAlthough it is the official version of Internet Explorer 7.0 that took up that thing, it has exceeded 100 million downloads in less than three months from the publication on October 18, 2006.

And it seems that Microsoft is already working for the next version of Internet Explorer.

Details are as follows.
IEBlog: 100 Million IE 7 Installations!

According to this article, Internet Explorer 7.0 continued to grow the number of downloads steadily, it seems that it became the second largest share browser after IE6. According to a company called WebSideStory analyzing the web, 25% of US web users are currently using IE7.

Moreover, since the release of the next OS incorporating Internet Explorer 7.0, Windows Vista will be released on January 30, and users such as XP will continue to be offered through Windows Update, the penetration rate will be further dramatically improved It is said that it is expected to be up.

According to the following article, Microsoft is preparing to hold a meeting on the next version of Internet Explorer on April 30.

BetaNews | Microsoft Hits 100 Million IE 7 Installs

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