How to choose GIGAZINE's calendar

beforeWhen I was interviewed by ITmediaAnd "All company schedule is managed by calendarEven after that, frequently from that time on, every time there is a question such as "What kind of calendar you use?" "What are the criteria to choose?" "What is the recommended calendar?" So this time about GIGAZINE 's calendar selection. Because it was just the last week I bought it.

The four selection criteria are as follows.
1: As much as possible
This is for everyone to use on the wall. In fact I really wanted to expand the size of the newspaper, but as soon as I got that size I got abandoned that it would not fit my hope.

2: Letters are large
Even if you look from afar, you can judge about the date. A calendar that can not be judged for a few days by looking at it, a bean grain character that can not be known unless you look closely, or a thing that the font is unique and unreadable in a moment is disqualified.

3: There is a place to write
Since I write the schedule, space necessary for writing inevitably is necessary. However, most of the writing is shopping notes, deadlines for work, planned business trips and so on, so if you can write it smoothly OK. There are calendars where there are no places to write where characters are too big, but that is out of the question.

4: What I have not written about Buddhism and Daian
Because I do not feel well when I saw what I have planned today ~ "Buddha" when written. For a similar reason there is no calendar with maxims or something like that. In order to use it in a company, it is useless unless it can not be accepted to a certain extent, so exclude elements that individuals' likes and dislikes become clear as much as possible. Also, for the same reason there are no extra pictures or photos on the top of the calendar. Because I get tired.

That's why I chose to buy this "Innovator"calendar. It is this calendar for 2 consecutive years. 1890 yen including tax.

Originally the brand of Scandinavian furniture, this illustration is on the back.

The front cover is quite clear

It is also possible to sort and discard

It actually looks like this when it hangs on the wall

Looking directly in front it looks like this

By the way coloring is different for the version currently used. It seems that every year I change coloring everything.

Desk calendar is a different manufacturer "PINE BOOKIt is the thing of. On the official website, I can not buy it for some reason, but it is the type that is easy to see in the same way. I sold it at Kinokuniya in Umeda. This is more convenient as the calendar of last month and next month is also printed small. The previous innovator calendar is invincible if this is added ......

I put it on the desk actually. Very easy to understand. Simple is the best. The big type is "desktop W ring (A5) C - 310" type with 525 yen including tax, the smaller type is "desktop W ring (A6 horizontal) C - 350" type including tax including 682 yen.

Although I did not have enough time this year, I have flowed, but I'd like to make GIGAZINE's original wall-mounted calendar with satisfactory quality next year.

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