Google, donate 30 thousand dollars to Creative Commons

Google has donated 30,000 dollars (about 3.5 million yen) to Creative Commons Corporation, a group promoting the creative commons, which defines flexible copyright. CC licenses have appeared in images and texts in addition to music and images, which seems to have led to this donation.

Details are as follows.
Google Code - Updates: Google and Creative Commons

Google donates $ 30,000 to CC | | CNET

According to this, the number of CC licenses adopted from January to July 2006 has increased from 40 million to 140 million. It is a very high acceleration penetration rate, is this.

There is also a Japanese version site properly.

Creative Commons Japan - Creative Commons Japan

From here it can be set easily on what condition to publish when publishing your work. Quite convenient.

Select license

Donations from individuals are also accepted below.

Support the Commons | Creative Commons

Purchasing at this online shop is part of the donation.

Support the Commons | Creative Commons | Store

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