An artistic parking lot that is hard to stop the car

I do not know exactly what to watch at a glance, but I often insist that the line is drawn and it is a parking lot if I look closely.

Details are as follows. It certainly functions as a parking lot.

Looking from afar, it does not look like a parking lot very much.

You can see that the whole is undulating.

This parking lot, "Echigo Arts Festival - Echigo Tsumari Art Triennale 2006-It seems to be a parking lot in the event venue. Indeed, because it is a parking lot of the Arts Festival, it was such a fancy thing. This also seems to be one work, and the bottom is a space where people gather. But it seems to stop caring ...

It was French R & S Sie architectural office. Below is a design drawing.

ARCH'IT architetture / R & SIE ... Asphalt spot

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