Various movies of "Thriller"

Speaking of "Thriller" is also a representative song by Michael Jackson, whose promotional video is famous for its cinematic composition. I tried collecting various movies of such "thriller".

Details are as follows. "Thriller" in the online RPG "RuneScape" that can be played on the browser. It feels nice to have a dance in the graveyard of the last.

YouTube - thriller

Also in RuneScape "Thriller". This is done by three people. The zombie transformation is nice, but the dance is somewhat monotonous.

YouTube - Clan Corrosion - Thriller!

The song is not "thriller", but the composition of the movie is the thriller itself. It is also a point to dance in groups.

YouTube - Thriller

Final fantasy "thriller". Movement is fully reproduced.

YouTube - Final Fantasy vs Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson's "Black or white" by LEGO. If you have a LEGO difficult pose you can also decide lightly, but shooting is difficult.

YouTube - Lego Black or white

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