Various places made of pixels

It is called pixel art, or dot picture, but I saw huge things for the first time so far. It is well built up to the details of the town, and if you scroll it and see it, you can become a god 's point of view.

Access is from the following. In addition, I tried collecting things like the city made of pixels in various ways.

Next time, it is an interesting thing for pixel wallpaper.

This is a city of pixels. A little real system.

Pixeltown by ~ stridenoble on deviantART

This is a sectional illustration. There are many situations that I have seen somewhere ....

Fkpixeltown037_rush.png (PNG image 2808 x 1100 pixels)

The following site is to make your own characters in the pixel town and communicate.

Habbo ~ Habbo

Next you can buy and advertise the pixel tower floor.

PixTower - Pixel Advertising at its Finest - Move into the (soon to be) World's Tallest Virtual Tower TODAY!

This is a thing where rooms made of pixels are joined and stuck together. A sense of life.

The Joint :: Pixel Apartments

Next is the city of pixels. You can decorate the pixel house and object as you like to the site you got.


This is also making a town of pixels.

Pixeldam | home

This is the lunar version of it.


So, software for Mac OS X that makes such dot picture.

Open sword - pixen

This is a site to make online.

City Creator

This is how to make it. To those who want to make their own pixel art.

Pixel art tutorials

Pixelfreak> info> tutorial

An example is here.

Pixelfreak> works> pixels

Omake:Pixel art style PV, It is doing really well

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