Google and eBay partner in advertising, to Skype and Google Talk interconnection

It is a story in the United States that it announced that Google and the largest auction site eBay overseas will collaborate in the advertisement business, although it is a story in the United States. This seems that advertisements displayed on eBay's overseas sites will be Google's monopoly.

With Skype, Skype that eBay has and Google Talk of Google are able to connect with each other and it seems that the Skype button will be added to the Google Toolbar.

Details are as follows.
Google and eBay Sign Multi-Year Agreement to Connect Users, Merchants, and Advertisers Around the Globe

Contract is for multiple years, the content of advertisement is text-based and what is called "click-to-call".

Google Click-to-Call

First of all, for text-based ads, it is assumed that Google will be an advertiser exclusively in the non-US deployment, perhaps with things using Google AdWords. Another "click-to-call" is what Google began testing in November 2005, and the user calls the advertiser. This is a new feature of AdWords, with a small green phone icon next to the advertisement displayed in Google AdWords, which you can click to call the advertiser who placed the ad.

An image with a small green phone icon next to the ad

Of course it is free to make a phone call, and it is expected that Skype and GoogleTalk will be used as this free telephone function.

We tested this partnership from the beginning of 2007, and it will be done for several months.

In Japan, the Yahoo auction is too strong, eBay is withdrawing, what will happen?

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