32GB flash memory comes out this year, iPod nano also has capacity up

That means,IPod shuffleCurrent maximum capacity is 1 GB,IPod nanoIs 4 GB, but more models may come out at the end of the year.

Currently known details such as price are as follows.
Hot Flash: 'Flashtops' Take On the Memory Market

Size is 1.8 inches, products by Samsung. Currently, Flash memory is $ 30 per 1 GB, so if you think that it is proportional to this street, it is $ 960 (about 110,000 yen). Probably it is expected to go down further in mass production. Also, since the spring of this year, the price of flash memory has continued to fall, as it is because the line of production factories is being made more efficient.

So, if you are interested in iPod ... ...

IPodNN | Apple could offer 32GB flash iPods

SanDisk already in rivalry already8GB flash memory loaded type MP3 playerAnd the price is almost the same as 4 GB iPod nano.

Of course Apple is not silent, it seems that we are already trying to create "something" by the end of this year, utilizing a technology that is ten times smaller than the current production process. It is rumored under the water that this "something" is an iPod equipped with 32 GB flash memory, or "iPhone" ...? something like.

Well, what kind of things come out?

Also, applying this technology to sell all the flash memory laptops without a hard disk at a price that you can purchase in general is said to be considered.

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