Business model of Web 2.0 Part 2 "Beta version"

"About the net related to never beforeIs collectively referred to as "Web 2.0" and therefore it is defined as "a collective term dealing with technology trends, information models, and changes in business models accompanying them", and so on as a business model Web 2.0 As an example 1, the last time was "Long tailThat's why I looked at it.

This time about the business model of Web 2.0, about that "2 beta version".

It goes without saying that beta is an unfinished item. Let's see how it can be said to be Web 2.0 from what aspect.
· Part 2: Beta version
First of all, this beta version, that is, an incomplete idea of ​​providing a service for the time being, has been in existence for a while. Since long ago Microsoft has offered a beta version of Windows to registered users and has fed back their opinions to complete an official product version.

However, the beta version in Web 2.0 is characterized by further expanding the target. It is characterized by being able to use not only a specific limited person but also anyone who wishes.

Publishing unfinished goods to the public in general is too risky, but in the case of Web 2.0, by daringly notifying users that "This is a beta version of unfinished products" by dare , You can change the contents of the service according to the usage trend of the user, or you can install a new function because some trouble may come out.

In this way you will receive improvements from users' voices and improve, and by incorporating new features the service should be more user friendly. This will result in a better one and eventually the probability of becoming the winner in the same genre will rise. Because it takes time to produce a formal completion version, but if it is a beta version it can be released soon so it can be put out soon, so by putting it out in early years when the market is premature, Because users can be enclosed. Being a step ahead of other companies in the same industry is important in business, and in Web 2.0 it will lead to "see the reaction by trying out in the beta version for the time being" in order to make it possible.

Also, in the text advocating Web 2.0 for the first time,End of the Software Release CycleThere is a chapter called. Among them, the expression "the perpetual beta" is used, which represents the difference between the concept of the beta version so far and the concept of the beta version of Web 2.0.

In Web 2.0, it is a strong tendency to create a technically possible service by sucking up and accurately reflecting the user's opinion, and as a result, new ideas and new content will continue to be provided by users who always participate A new service that incorporates the next one is completed one after another. And when it is finished, it is not Owaly, it will evolve even better, more convenient, forever. In other words, there is no squirrel. You can say that you have the possibility to keep evolving forever, instead of becoming a finished product even after a long time. For that reason, it is the Web 2.0 that keeps being the eternal beta version.

By offering it as an eternal beta version in this way, something that did not look like a refreshing form at first as a business model may finally be fruited as a business model after improvement.

For example, because it is easy to understand, Google itself, which has been frequently used as an example, was originally a beta version. On September 21, 1999, a sort of business as a business was attached, we removed the beta version from the logo. At that time, no one knew how the act of "search" would lead to direct benefits, but at any rate Google said "I tried it as a beta".

As a characteristic of Google's services, there are still many beta versions. None of these are Web 2.0 like things.

Google News Japan Version(English editionHas already become an official version)

Google Video

Google Labs

Even in Japan, "mixi" of social networking service is still in beta, despite being the largest in Japan in this genre.

Social networking site [mixi (mixi)]

To put it differently, the "beta version" of Web 2.0 means that the original meaning of "unfinished item" is diminished, meaning that "always corrected and improved". Although it tends to be misunderstood, it is not a proclamation of a beta version as a way of escape or an exemption sign.

In addition, the Web 2.0 concept of "beta version" is also the most likely method to create very valuable technologies and services as a business model. - Dvorak: Learning From Google - Science And Technology News | News On Technology

Among them, there are parts that are mentioned about Google's engineers, in short, when creating new services and technologies, there is no need to take permission beforehand at someone, try making it in the meantime, let the user use it, The first thing to look at is that it is the policy of the company itself, Google. In other words, you do not need permission to make a beta version, let's make it for the time to look at the situation.

With this kind of thinking engineers are very easy. Motivation is completely different as you can make what you want to make. Things made with high motivation are often good ones. When you actually use it by users, you will be able to understand if it is really a good thing and how to make it better.

This trend is at the same time doing the development of useful technologies in terms of business model and necessary elements for creating hit products and marketing whether it is accepted in the market. Until now market research and marketing has been tough and we could not expect its accuracy, but if you go to the actual market as a beta version, you can collect accurate data and if there is a bad point There is also room for it. It is also possible to build a business model after judging it as "extremely talking, and doing" surely this is a business! "

Here again, "Four conditions of Web 2.0Let's see what's called.

· Condition of Web 2.0 Part 1: Automation
· Condition 2 of Web 2.0: interactivity
· Condition 3 of Web 2.0: Lower the threshold
· Condition 4 of Web 2.0: Free

Every one of them thinks that if you try to do beta version you will find that it is unavoidable thing. Whether it is network service or software, automation is natural as a matter of course, and that automation creates interactivity, meaning it comes out as a beta version by lowering the threshold and freeing it. In this way, the idea of ​​beta is not the business model of profit from issuing finished products so far, it is the foundation that supports the new Web 2.0 business model.

Next time on the "open source" which is the third feature of Web 2.0 business model.

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