You can repel mosquitoes by putting 10 yen coin in a puddle

It seems to be able to precisely control "bowlers" before becoming mosquitoes, why is it a 10-yen coin? It is about time that mosquitoes start to occur seriously, so I want to stop at the waterfront.

Details are as follows. 10 marbles with mosquitoes repelling Nippon Copper Center - Life

It seems to be understood by the experiment that the Nippon Copper Center entrusted to the Japan Environment Sanitation Center. About 90% do not get emerged and it is going to end. If 10 animals are reduced to 1, it certainly can not be said to be a dramatic effect.

For details of experiments, the following articles are more detailed.

Copper suppressed the occurrence of mosquitoes larvae, can not emerge with ions

It seems that we put copper fiber, fibrous ones rather than copper catchment. Such research already exists about the effect of copper fibers themselves.

Study on bactericidal effect of copper fiber

It should be noted that copper fiber, copper wire, copper plate and so on are compared. Looking at the copper concentration to be melted out, copper fibers are found to be out of the group. It is four times the copper wire and 18 times the copper plate.

On the extension of this research result, the amount of 10 yen coins to be added to control "bow flora" needs a considerable amount .... Is it useful if you put in around 1000 yen? But if you put so much in a puddle you will be stolen ....

Personally as long as I want to sell Kore as soon as possible. "Human Perfumes" Developed by Strong Insect Resistors and English Researchers - Science

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