What is "RFID" embedded in 3.5 million world cup tickets?

Although it is a World Cup that began yesterday, all "RFID" is used for the admission ticket of the World Cup, and it contains the data (address, name of age, etc.) answered at the time of purchase, and at the 12 venues It seems to confirm whether it matches with the database when entering. This seems to be a measure to prevent fake tickets from coming out.

PCWorld.com - Security Scores Big at World Cup Tournament

The World Cup ticket looks like this

I listened to the name "RFID" frequently, but I surveyed the actual condition of what it is and what kind of use case there are, and tried it together.
First of all, about the simplest RFID basics.

RFID to be found in 1 minute: ITpro

RFID is "Radio Frequency ID", that is, radio IC tag. A small IC chip and a metal antenna are made up of these two parts.

Since RFID is made assuming usage form like barcode, it is often compared with barcode. The recordable capacity is much larger than the barcode and the maximum communication distance is about 2 m. The point that the greatest advantage can be read at once. Also, it is strong and difficult to duplicate illegitimately. If the cost is somewhat higher, RFID is also the best way in case of this World Cup ticket.

Also, by linking with the database center as in this World Cup ticket, only the ID is embedded in the RFID ticket itself, and information corresponding to the ID is collated with the database when it is read by the RFID reader There is also a method. In this way, information will not be directly recorded in the RFID, meaning it will be meaningless unless it is an RFID reader that can be connected to a corresponding database. The World Cup ticket this time is considered to be a similar mechanism.

RFID - Wikipedia

A type that does not have a built-in battery uses the radio itself as an energy source when receiving radio waves, but some types of RFIDs have built-in batteries in advance. In that case, the communication distance is 10 m to 100 m, and radio waves can be emitted even in the state where there is no leader.

The main uses of RFID include distribution, history management, article management, position information and the like.

The latest news such as RFID related practical examples are detailed below.

ITpro Focus: Practicalization information of RFID - wireless IC tag

Also on Microsoft's site are RFID commentary and examples of system development using the .NET Framework.

Introduction to RFID


Many examples are posted on actual practical examples below and it is clear how to use it in the real world.

【Special Project】 RFID Review - CIO Online

Regarding the spread of RFID in Japan, there is a brief summary at the following site. Particularly noteworthy is the ability to produce tags at 5 yen per piece as a solution to the cost problem. As it took tens of yen at the beginning, it was calculated to be about 1/10.

Press Release Diffusion of RFID in Japan

Here is an example that introduced RFID in stock replenishment and became efficient.

Walmart "RFID tags make inventory replenishment three times more efficient"

Incidentally, the problem that it can not be pasted because it interferes with the metal is also being cleared.

RFID "On Metal RFID" that can be attached to metal (IC tag) | Module | Electronics related products | Product information | Mitsubishi Materials

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