"Complexification" that you can enjoy high-quality computational art

Computational art is the creation of graphic images automatically by so-called algorithms and mathematical expressions. An example is Mandelbrot. Among them, anything published in this "Complexification" is high so that the quality is not extraordinary.

In addition, the Java Applet that is used for this graphic generation is also made public, and it is possible to create an original image. On the contrary the source code is provided.
Complexification | Gallery of Computation

For example this is an applet that generates images like the cityscape looked down from above. If you leave it unattended it will become finer and finer. Somehow I get an impression like sim speed.

Substrate (900 × 900, maximum 350 objects)

You can download the source code by clicking "Source Code" on the bottom left.

It is quite useful as a hint to creating unique Flash, as well as art, fashion, design.

Below, list of recommendations. Click "SMALL" "MEDIUM" "LARGE" in the middle of each page to start. If you re-execute it, a different pattern will be generated.

Substrate (to make things like townscape more and more)

Happy Place (something like a devastated planet converges toward the center)

Orbitals, radial (The natto missile seems to be like a start, the exhilaration is refreshing, to be unexpectedly ridiculous)

Node Garden (Each site of the Internet may be connected by such a feeling)

Sand Traveler (I get an impression like a whirlwind or a storm, it is interesting to do it many times)

Box Fitting Img (filled with boxes, colors can be changed by the original image)

Tree Garden II (Completion of a dead tree as soon as it is)

SAND.DOLLAR (There are a lot of things like spigglaf drawn in breath, the masterpiece)

INVADER.FRACTAL (Invader game icons line up fractally, source is FlashMX)

Bubble Chamber (Start by clicking any point, press spacebar will be the strongest expansion, must-see)

Binary Ring (light and darkness, it is generated by switching every time you click)

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