A 14-year-old boy who became a billionaire on online fraud

A city with 15 million people in Africa, the largest in Lagos in Nigeria. A 14-year-old boy named Akin who lives here. He said that he died 10 days a day from net café every day and became a billionaire.

What on earth did he do? What do you think is it? Below, its details.
FORTUNE: Online scams create "Yahoo! millionaires" - May 29, 2006

He purchased online with a credit card that steals laptop computers, digital cameras, TVs, etc. Next, I shipped to Safe House (hideout, Ajit) in Europe with international cargo. A friend on his net who is in Europe receives the package at the safe house and is brought to Lagos. It is said that it will be sold at Lagos' black market.

The way to steal this credit card number is done by mass transmission of spam mail done from a net cafe in Lagos. First of all, we collected large amounts of e-mails using software that travels on the net and collects e-mail addresses. Next, I wrote the phrase of online fraud phishing and broadcast it with mass spam mail sending software. After that, I shop online using my credit card number from the user who caught me, and sell it in the black market.

There are many teenage boys in this net cafe besides Akin, there is this on the signboard at the entrance of the net cafe.

"If you extract a mead, send a mass mail, or hack a credit card number, it will be handed over to the police. According to Article 419"

Of course this sign is a kind of joke. This Nigerian law Article 419 is a provision on fraud, which does not contain provisions on online fraud and has not been defined. The police are noisy computers, and the punishment for financial crime is extremely light. In fact, there is virtually no penalty. For example, a criminal who stole 100 million dollars is sentenced to 6 months in prison. It is really light punishment.

Currently, Akin 's profit nourishes her family and relatives as a whole. To the extent of reference, Akin 's mother' s income is about the same as the father 's $ 30 a month. You can understand how much you can save with the income of one online fraud.

In other words, it is said that the cutting edge of net crime is mainly developed countries, not advanced countries.

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