Install Office 2007 Beta 2 Japanese version

As reported from todayOffice 2007 Beta 2 Japanese version is availableThat is why

So, here is the installation procedure for Office 2007 Beta 2 Japanese version.
Execute the downloaded file and click "Yes"

Wait for a while

Enter the product key displayed when downloading or the product key sent by e-mail

It will become like this if you make a mistake ... Let's not make a mistake

Click "Next" when you are successful

Tick ​​the checkmark and click "Next" when you agree

If you click "Install Now" it is over

If you select "User setting" instead, it will look like the following, you can decide in more detail

Installing ... It takes quite a while, so let's wait in chill ...

This screen will be displayed when installation is completed, so click "Close" to complete the installation

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