If you eat Japanese boiled mermaid "Ryuugounosukai" ...

Speaking of Ryuugounosukai, the image of the specimen with white as an example is brilliant, and I think that there are many people who do not understand somewhat well, but in fact it is a friend of "Akamanbou". Moreover, it is a great example that you ate "Rakuunogushin" as "boiled" and ate it. There is also a legend that says the mermaid model in Japan is ryugounokkoi, eating mermaid meat will result in immortality, so maybe you can become immortal if you eat ryugounosukai ...


Those caught caught by straying into the stationary net of Oboe fishery cooperative. The length is more than 2 m.
Abandoning the sample too large size to try it.
It seems that it was not very delicious, according to a graduate student who tried to eat it with boiling.

Since they should have been immortal as long as they are legendary, someone who knows whether they really will die will be killed (censored removal)
The figure that actually swims is like this. It is beautiful unlike a specimen.

He said he would swim by moving the dorsal fin. The body is silver-white, characterized by mottle patterns appear alternately.

This specimen also has such a pretty specimen

In addition, it seems that the second largest stuffing in Japan is exhibited in "Saikai Pearl Sea Resort" in Sasebo, Nagasaki Prefecture.

Saikai Pearl Sea Center - Aquarium Ryugounokkai

The most recent example is this, April 26, 2006.

Yamaguchi Prefecture / About the capture of rare fish "Ryugounosuke (Young Fish)"

Is it too long for fry and young fish?

So, this is a dissection of the crown (caution needed)

Also drawn in Japanese old book "Different fish drawing".

Different fish figure praise (enlarged image 007) | drawn animals / plants

Although it is the taste of the main thing, it may be delicious if it is pickled in miso. Because it seems that the same companion red manta bow does so and eats it.

Asahi.com: Red Mango - My Town Fukushima

Meat looks like a quince dai and it is pink. It's fantastic and easy to eat without habit. Because it has a thin taste, it makes miso pickle and so on.

In addition, the Ryugounokkai lives in a place close to the deep ocean, which is often said as a forerunner of the natural disaster if this can be taken, and often the case where an earthquake actually occurs. Conversely saying that it is possible to harvest ryuugounosukai because other fish are coming up to the surface of the sea, there are cases that some fishermen make it a forerunner of a big catch.

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