Bill Gates' home is $ 97 million

Bill Gates, who is the founder of Microsoft who may well be the richest man in the world, is what kind of houses such a building and family live in? Let's clarify by making full use of the information as far as I can understand its whole appearance, murderous intelligence may come to the building.
The Gates "Ecology House"

The size of the site is 12 km × 12 km. It is a site that is as large as saying what you are talking about. The address is "1835 73 rd Ave NE, Medina, WA 98039". I will surely receive it if it comes out in a hot summer or New Year's card, but it will not be sure. By the way, the place on the map isHere.

This is the whole figure. Technology: Bill Gates' House

There is a pool of about 5 m × 18 m in size, and music flows underwater. The floor of the pool seems to be fossil pattern. The wall facing the terrace is full glass. The locker room has 4 shower and 2 baths.

There is room of exercise, sauna bath complete, too. There are lockers for men and women, and there are also trampoline rooms.

The dome type room is a library, there are fireplaces and bars, and there are also Secret Rotary bookshelves. Also, there is a note by Leonardo da Vinci, and it seems that Bill purchased it for 30.8 million dollars.

The large staircase in the front has become visible through the glass wall of Seattle and it has 84 steps.

There are also movie theaters and the number of seats is 20. It seems that it is Art Deco style. There is also a machine to make popcorn, the screen is compatible with HDTV. It is no longer meaningless.

24 people can eat at the same time in the dinner room, the kitchen is also huge and 11 meters by 7 meters. Make it to a restaurant already.

Of course there is meeting room and computer room. Although details are unknown, it surely must be a high-spec PC dedicated to the latest type of building.

There is also a grand opening reception hall and 150 people can sit. For a buffet party 200 people put in. There is also a huge fireplace with a width of 1.8 m. I like a fireplace, Bill. And on the opposite wall there are 24 huge screens that are 6.7 m wide and composed of 40 inch rear production television. I do not know what I'd like to do anymore.

In the room which was a gallery before, it seems that it is wasteful as it is in the building, and now it is in the multipurpose room. It seems that there is a video projector.

Of course there are also rooms for invited guests, consisting of bedroom, bath and fireplace. How many fireplaces do you have?

There is a huge parking lot in the basement, and about 10 cars can park. It is said that there is a road leading to somewhere. It is no longer a secret base state. There are probably batmobiles and others on it.

Of course there is a guard room at the entrance, there is also a post office there. I also have a greenhouse.

There is also a place to stop the boat to go out to the lake facing, for some reason a private hot spring is nearby. It seems that Bill Gates brings a laptop computer in the hot spring and works and is working. really?

In addition, it is full of facilities to break through the level of a mansion of a normal level such as a tennis court, playground, population river. How long will it cost to maintain ...?

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