Number system counting in octal rather than decimal notation "Octomatics"

Because Japanese is basically based on decimal base, it is easy to calculate even for calculation and it is simple to think about numbers, so you can not understand what is beneficial, but if you think carefully, in the case of English-speaking countries count the numbers Although it is a different way of counting up to 12 though it is a state of unknown meaning after that it is a meaning unknown state, and additionally the educational level is not as much readable and writable as Japan, so the proportion that it can not mental arithmetically is very high . How to count as "octomatics" that came lamenting such a situation. Infoverse - octomatics

"Octomatics" is a coined word that combines "octal" representing octal notation and "mathematics" representing mathematics.

The notation is like this.

It is a binary code, completely.

What is the merit? It's easy to write.

Like this. The octomatic equation on the right.

With this feeling, just drop it down and add the line

With this method, the clock of the decimal system also becomes like this

The calculator is like this

If you go to the site introducing this method, there are a timer that adopted this method and a computer demonstration with Flash that can actually check the operation.

It might be interesting if this is presented as mathematics entrance examination problem. The answer is a mark sheet, letting it slide and make it answer ....

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