PacketiX VPN 2.0 Free Edition (formerly SoftEther) Discontinued

I wonder how my name changed before?
About change of packetiX VPN 2.0 Free Edition offer form

SoftEther Corporation has been offering "Free Edition") only for individual users who have not been used for business until now, but PacketiX VPN 2.0 HOME Edition for PacketiX VPN 2.0 series, a new product lineup, Along with the launch of Windows, we will close license distribution for "Free Edition" for individual users on March 31, 2006 (Friday).
Due to the specification change of the related software, we will suspend the extension of the license from April 1, 2006 (Saturday), 2006 for the license of "Free Edition" we used to date. (If you have renewed the expiration date of Free Edition license before April 1, you can use it for up to 60 days thereafter.)

The reason is written as Iloilo, but what is it?
If you go with this, there is no limitation at the very beginning, can you say that a person holding a version at a time when there is no particular problem can be said to be a winning group?

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