YetiS is an open source 34-key small keyboard that minimizes wrist movement

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JogmeKeebs has announced the YetiS , a 34-key small keyboard that minimizes wrist movement. YetiS is being developed as open source, and users can create their own keyboards using 3D printers.

YetiS keyboard (DIY kit) – JogmeKeebs

According to JogmeKeebs, they initially created a Corne Keyboard with a total of 42 keys separated into left and right. However, the pitch between the keys on the Corne Keyboard was too narrow, making typing feel cramped. Therefore, JogmeKeebs searched online for keyboards with a wider key pitch. When they finally found one, it was out of stock and impossible to get. So JogmeKeebs started designing the keyboard from scratch.

JogmeKeebs created the 34-key YetiS with the following goals: 'A separate keyboard that is easy to use even for large hands,' 'minimizing wrist movement,' and 'natural hand position.'

YetiS uses

the open source firmware QMK , and is also equipped with an OLED and backlight to display the entered keys.

You can also input symbols, numbers, function keys, etc. by operating the four keys at the bottom.

JogmeKeebs has published the YetiS blueprints and other information on GitHub, and it is possible to create YetiS using a 3D printer or similar.

GitHub - jogme/yetis-keyboard: Yeti ergonomic split keyboard

The YetiS DIY kit is also available on the official website, priced at 32 euros (approximately 5,560 yen). The kit only includes the PCB for the main body and case, an acrylic protective cover, and screws, so you will need to purchase the key switches, microcontroller, audio jack mount connector, audio cable, OLED display, and microcontroller-integrated LED ' WS2812B ' separately.

YetiS keyboard (DIY kit) – JogmeKeebs

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