Reports that Google is manually correcting erroneous AI searches, and a personal development service that circumvents AI searches has also appeared

Google officially released 'AI Overviews,' which displays AI-generated

summaries in search results, in the United States on May 14, 2024. Many issues have been pointed out regarding this AI Overview, such as ' obviously incorrect information is displayed, ' and it has now emerged that Google may be manually deleting strange answers from AI.

Google scrambles to manually remove weird AI answers in search - The Verge

AI Overview is a feature that displays an AI-generated 'search result summary' at the top of the search results. For example, in response to a question such as 'How do I clean a fabric sofa?', it will provide an overview of the search results in natural language, such as 'If you use a vacuum cleaner, you should do this, but if you want to focus on cleaning a specific area, you should do this.'

However, shortly after its release, AI Overview became a hot topic for giving obviously incorrect answers, such as suggesting to use glue to stick cheese to pizza, claiming that dogs have played in the NBA, and saying that 1919 was 20 years ago.

Google search's AI summary function gives strange answers such as 'glue is used to stick cheese to pizza' - GIGAZINE

Regarding a similar issue, Nilay Patel, editor-in-chief of the foreign media outlet The Verge, pointed out on May 24, 2024, 'When asked, 'Which president owns a Corvette?' AI search does not respond, and the normal search result is returned as 'Biden.' However, when asked, 'Which president owns a Ferrari?' AI search responds with 'Trump.' There is no consistency.'

Three hours after the post, the AI's behavior changed so that it would not respond to the question, 'Which president owns a Ferrari?' Based on the timing of this behavior change, Patel commented, 'It looks like Google is manually disabling the AI overview (laughs).'

A Google representative told The Verge that 'AI Overview provides high-quality information and some incorrect answers are rare,' but added that 'we take swift action to disable AI Overview answers for specific search terms when we deem it appropriate under our content policies.' The spokesperson acknowledged that the company does in some way disable AI Overview answers on an individual basis.

Even in areas where AI Overview is enabled, you can disable AI Overview and display the traditional search screen by adding the parameter '&udm=14' to the end of your search term. In addition, a volunteer has released a service called '&udm=14 | the disenshittification Konami code' that automatically adds '&udm=14' to the end of your search term when searching on Google. By the way, the 'Konami code' in the service name is a term that refers to a 'cheat code,' and Konami is not involved in its development.

&udm=14 | the disenshittification Konami code

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