Amazon Prime Video will soon start showing ads for Amazon products during pause

Amazon is focusing on expanding advertising on Amazon Prime Video, and in some countries, such as the United States,

commercials will be available for an additional fee from January 2024. In addition, Amazon announced that it will introduce three new ads, including ads for Amazon products, that will be displayed while content is paused, in mid-May 2024.

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The three types of ads Amazon announced this time are 'shoppable carousel ads,' 'interactive pause ads,' and 'interactive brand trivia ads.'

◆ Shoppable carousel ads
A carousel ad is an ad that rotates and displays multiple slides. As mentioned above, Amazon Prime Video will display commercials while you are watching a show or movie, but at that time, ads encouraging you to purchase products will be displayed in a 'sliding lineup.' When the viewer operates the slide, the ad automatically pauses, and when the operation is finished, it automatically resumes playing.

◆Interactive pause ads
In addition to commercials that interrupt content, ads will also appear when viewers pause the video at their discretion. Amazon explains that 'semi-transparent ads featuring brand messaging and imagery will be overlaid with buttons like 'Add to Cart' and 'Learn More'.'

Pause ads remain visible for as long as the content is paused, during which time advertisers can allow viewers to add products to their cart or contact customers by email for more information.

◆Interactive brand trivia ads
The ads, which will feature product trivia and fun facts, will appear during content streams and will also offer add-to-cart and email requests, as well as rewards like shopping credits.

According to entertainment news site Deadline, the new ads are scheduled to begin just before Amazon's advertiser presentation to be held in New York on May 14, 2024.

In this announcement, Amazon revealed that Amazon Prime Video ads reach an average of 200 million people each month. Meanwhile, Amazon has not disclosed the number of subscribers to its entire streaming service since announcing that the number of Amazon Prime subscribers, which includes Amazon Prime Video, reached 200 million in 2021.

Amazon's advertising business is doing well, and in its first quarter earnings report released on April 30, 2024, it was reported that advertising revenue grew 24% year-over-year. While the majority of advertising dollars come from the retail business, CEO Andy Jassy said that Amazon Prime Video is also contributing.

On the other hand, the change has been unpopular among Amazon Prime Video viewers, with users suing the service, claiming that forcing viewers to choose between ads or additional fees, despite the service's selling point being that it will be ad-free by February 2024, is in violation of the law.

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