Bluesky releases roadmap for new features including 'video posting' and 'direct messaging'

Bluesky has released a new product roadmap. The roadmap includes the following goals for the next few months: adding a direct message (DM) feature, adding a video posting feature, improving the custom feed, improving the harassment prevention feature, and providing an OAuth feature.

Product Roadmap - Bluesky

2024 Protocol Roadmap | Bluesky

When creating articles, all posts on Bluesky are set to public and are not suitable for private communication. The new DM feature will allow for private communication while keeping the contents of the communication hidden.

The initial version of DM will only support one-on-one interactions, and users will be able to choose whether to allow DM senders to be 'anyone,' 'only users they follow,' or 'disabled.'

In addition, when implementing DM in Bluesky, the use of existing protocols such as Matrix was considered, but in the end, the policy was changed to implement the DM function in the AT Protocol itself, which is the basis of Bluesky.

◆Video submission
A feature to post videos of up to 90 seconds is currently under development. The official Bluesky blog commented, 'The development team continues to receive feedback that 'You can't share videos of cute animals!' We feel very guilty about this.'

◆Improvements to custom feeds
Bluesky has a 'custom feed' feature that allows users to customize the posts that appear in their feed according to their preferred conditions, and users can create and publish custom feeds to their liking.

Our development team is working on the following features to improve Custom Feeds:

- Create custom feeds within the app
-Manually manage posts in your custom feed
- Improved custom feed search functionality
Feedback via buttons such as 'show more' and 'show less'
Prevent posts you've already viewed from re-displaying
- Moving the 'Following' display
- Shows you 'Super Feeds' that show you what's happening in your community based on the custom feeds you follow
Improved cache mechanism to improve performance

◆Improvement of harassment prevention function
Bluesky, like other social networking sites, also experiences trolling and harassment. The company plans to announce a moderation system to prevent these types of harassment in the near future.

◆Provision of OAuth functionality
When using web services, you may come across buttons such as 'Log in with Google' or 'Log in with Apple' that allow you to log in using account information from another service. Bluesky is also working on building a system called 'Log in with Bluesky.'

You can check the technical specifications of OAuth for Bluesky at the link below.

proposals/0004-oauth at main bluesky-social/proposals GitHub

◆AT Protocol Standardization Plan
In an interview with Why , a technical advisor to the Bluesky development team on April 14, 2024, Why revealed that 'there are plans to standardize the AT Protocol.' This AT Protocol standardization plan was scheduled to be implemented around the summer of 2024, but after much consideration, it was concluded that 'standardization should wait until the design of the AT Protocol has been considered by many developers.' The development team is looking for opinions on the AT Protocol.

The interview with Why can be viewed at the following link.

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