Introducing the Apple Pencil Pro, an intuitive and multi-functional stylus with a new sensor that allows you to quickly switch tools, line thickness, direction, etc.

The Apple Pencil Pro was announced at the event held by Apple on May 7, 2024. The only models compatible with the Apple Pencil Pro are the new iPad Air and iPad Pro , which were announced at the same time.

Apple introduces beautiful new iPad Pro and Apple Pencil Pro with M4 chip - Apple (UK)

Apple Pencil - Apple (Japan)

Apple Event - Apple (Japan)

A new Apple Pencil compatible with the new iPad is also available.

It's called the Apple Pencil Pro.

The Apple Pencil Pro has a new sensor added to the barrel.

This allows you to open new tool palettes with just a squeeze (press firmly with your finger).

The haptic engine responds with a light tap as confirmation when you squeeze, double tap, or snap using shape recognition, making for an incredibly intuitive experience.

You can also rotate Apple Pencil Pro using the gyroscope to give you precise control over which tool you're using.

For example, you can change the orientation of your pen or brush.

It also supports the Find My feature, so you don't have to worry if you lose your Apple Pencil Pro.

Naturally, it has a built-in magnet so you can attach it to the side of your iPad and charge it.

Barrel roll (rotating the pen axis) gives you precise control over different pen and brush tools.

Squeeze to select an action without touching the screen.

This makes navigating complex projects much faster.

When you move or transform an object, you can be sure it's in the perfect position and shape.

Procreate Dreams appears to support barrel rolls in a more advanced way.

Additionally, the power of the M4 makes it possible to create realistic bokeh effects and camera focus animations.

Below is an image summarizing the new features of Apple Pencil Pro.

The Apple Pencil Pro will be released on May 15, 2024, with a retail price of 21,800 yen (tax included).

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