Amazon announces plan to double the number of stores adopting cashierless payment system 'Just Walk Out' by 2024

Amazon is developing a cashless brick-and-mortar store system called 'Just Walk Out,' which is being adopted by many third-party stores in addition to Amazon's own stores. Amazon has recently announced its intention to double the number of stores that use Just Walk Out by 2024.

An update on Amazon's plans for Just Walk Out and checkout-free technology

In 2017, Amazon opened a brick-and-mortar store called 'Amazon Go' that sells groceries and miscellaneous goods. Amazon Go does not have a cash register, and a major feature of the store is that customers can complete payments simply by holding their smartphone over a gate set at the entrance. You can check the process of actually entering and shopping at Amazon Go in the following article.

I tried a new 'cash register-free' shopping experience at the cash register-free convenience store 'Amazon Go' - GIGAZINE

Amazon has named Amazon Go's cashierless payment system 'Just Walk Out' and has begun offering it to third-party businesses since March 2020. In addition, while the previous version of Just Walk Out required the deployment of dedicated cameras and sensors, Amazon announced a system using RFID in September 2023 that does not require the installation of cameras or sensors. This makes it possible to introduce Just Walk Out to a wide range of stores, including clothing stores.

According to Amazon, Just Walk Out is used in more than 140 stores in the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia and Canada, and a total of more than 18 million items have been sold using Just Walk Out. Amazon has stated its intention to double the number of stores that introduce Just Walk Out by 2024.

Amazon also offers the palm recognition system ' Amazon One ' that allows you to authenticate yourself and make payments just by holding your palm over the device. According to Amazon, Amazon One is used at Amazon-owned stores and over 500 Whole Foods Markets, as well as at over 150 third-party stores, including stadiums, airports, gyms, and convenience stores. The total number of times Amazon One has been used has already exceeded 8 million, and more than 80% of users at Amazon-owned stores and Whole Foods Markets have used Amazon One at least twice.

In addition, a dedicated device was required to register for Amazon One, but from March 2024, Amazon will make it possible to register for Amazon One on smartphones.

Amazon's palm authentication system 'Amazon One' can now be registered from a smartphone - GIGAZINE

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