Discord servers for Nintendo Switch emulators 'Suyu' and 'Sudachi' are shut down by the management

The developers of the Nintendo Switch emulators 'Suyu' and 'Sudachi,' who describe themselves as operating in a 'gray area,' have had their Discord accounts banned and their servers wiped.

Discord is nuking Nintendo Switch emulator devs and their entire servers - The Verge


Discord has banned two Switch emulator devs and shuttered their servers in the wake of Yuzu's defeat | PC Gamer

'Suyu' and 'Sudachi' are projects that appeared as forks of the Nintendo Switch emulator ' Yuzu ,' which was sued by Nintendo and forced the company to pay damages. According to technology media The Verge, both developer accounts have been suspended by Discord.

It's unclear why the suspension occurred, but when The Verge asked Discord, they responded with a statement saying, 'Discord responds to and complies with all lawful and valid Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) requests. In this case, we were also issued a court injunction to restrain these materials, and we have responded in a manner consistent with the court order.'

It is unclear whether DMCA notices were actually sent, from where they were sent, or whether the developers of Suyu and Sudachi were actually violating copyrights.

According to the developers of Suyu, they do not tolerate copyright infringement and strive to eliminate any elements that could lead to litigation.

In response to the closure, a Sudachi developer said: 'They just told me I was in violation of their terms of service, without giving me any details.' 'Will an appeal even work? I'm really pissed.'

PC Gamer pointed out that 'what's puzzling about this is that other communities, such as the one surrounding Ryujinx , an emulator that allows you to play Nintendo Switch games on PC, were not affected,' leaving the question of why only some communities were shut down.

Suyu has also been removed from 'GitLab'.

Nintendo Switch emulator 'Yuzu' successor project 'Suyu' will be removed from GitLab - GIGAZINE

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