Bluesky announces it will lift the ban on heads of state accounts

Bluesky, which had previously prohibited heads of state from creating accounts, has announced that it has lifted the ban, allowing kings, presidents and other such figures to post information on the platform.

By the way... we lifted our 'no heads of state' policy.

— Bluesky ( ) Apr 13, 2024 at 0:32

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In May 2023, when the official Bluesky account was still invitation-only, it stated that 'we cannot accept heads of state,' indicating a policy of not allowing individuals equivalent to heads of state, such as presidents or kings, to create Bluesky accounts.

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As of May 2023, Blusky was still in beta and had no system in place to deal with issues such as harassment and trolling of accounts. Therefore, Bluesky had announced that 'Please let us know before inviting celebrities.'

Hi! We appreciate everyone's enthusiasm in sending invitations, but our current policy is that we cannot accommodate heads of state to join us in our beta yet. This applies to recent/prominent heads of state as well.

We appreciate your notice before you invite prominent figures at [email protected].

— Bluesky ( ) May 6, 2023 at 8:28

However, on April 13, 2024, Bluesky's official account announced, 'By the way... we have lifted our policy banning heads of state from registering accounts.'

With the policy lifted, Brazilian President Lula da Silva immediately opened an official account on Bluesky.

While some users welcomed the post announcing the lifting of Bluesky's ban policy, saying, ' Please bring President Biden to Bluesky as soon as possible ,' there were also a relatively large number of users making negative posts, such as, ' If politicians come, it's all over, goodbye, ' ' How long will it be before this place called Bluesky is overrun by politicians and their fanatics,' and ' The end is near .'

In addition, in March 2024, Bluesky will allow users to select their own moderation filters, so they can display or hide topics based on their own criteria.

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