Elon Musk announces expansion of chat AI 'Grok' to all users of 'X Premium'


Musk , the owner of ” We have clarified our policy of providing this service to all users.

Elon Musk says all Premium subscribers on X will gain access to AI chatbot Grok this week | TechCrunch

“Grok” is a chat AI announced in November 2023 by the AI company “xAI” founded by Musk. One of the features is that Mr. Musk takes advantage of being the owner of X and accesses information about X in real time.

Elon Musk announces ChatGPT's rival AI 'Grok' - GIGAZINE

From December 2023, it will be available to users of 'Premium Plus', the top plan of 'X Premium'.

According to Musk's post on X, Grok will be available to users of the 'Premium' and 'Basic' plans in the coming days, not just 'Premium Plus.'

In Japan, the usage fee for each plan is 368 yen per month / 3,916 yen per year for basic, 980 yen per month / 10,280 yen per year for premium, and 1,960 yen per month / 20,560 yen per year for premium plus. Common to all plans, you can edit posts, post text and videos without a character limit, display replies in the top positions, format text, etc. Premium and above allow creator subscriptions, advertising revenue distribution applications, and advertising. In addition, with Premium Plus, there are other benefits such as hiding ads in the 'Recommended' and 'Following' tabs, displaying replies at the top, and being able to use 'Articles.'

Regarding 'Grok', it was a benefit for Premium Plus users in some regions, and the community note to Mr. Musk's post states, 'It cannot be used in Germany etc., so it is necessary to mention the region.' It has been pointed out.

In addition, many of the people who support Mr. Musk are conservative, and it seems that many users of 'Grok' expected to output answers close to Mr. Musk's ideology, but when the service was actually provided, the answers were liberal. It has received backlash because it was output.

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