Apple is sued by the Department of Justice and 16 Attorney Generals for monopolizing the smartphone market, Apple says it is a ``dangerous precedent'' and stands against it

The U.S. Department of Justice and the attorneys general of 16 states and territories have ruled that Apple's monopolization of the smartphone market by locking in users and raising prices for consumers and developers is illegal. I filed a lawsuit.

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On March 21, 2024, the U.S. Department of Justice and the attorneys general of 15 states and the District of Columbia filed a civil suit against Apple for allegedly violating various antitrust laws, including the Sherman Act , a law regulating market monopolies. We filed an antitrust lawsuit.

Attorney General Merrick B. Garland said in a statement, ``Apple's share of the high-performance smartphone market in the United States exceeds 70% and the overall smartphone market exceeds 65%, and Apple sells iPhones for $1,600 (approximately 240,000 yen).'' ).Furthermore, Apple has maintained its monopoly power by violating antitrust laws rather than controlling competition on its merits. There's no need to pay a lot of money.'

According to

the complaint filed in the Federal District Court of New Jersey (PDF file) , Apple has monopolized the market with the following anti-competitive business practices.

・Innovative super app blocking
A super app is a single app that provides a wide range of functionality to users. Apple has suppressed the emergence of useful cross-platform super apps that would allow smartphone users to freely switch between iPhone and Android smartphones, authorities say.

Although the complaint does not provide any specific examples of super apps, the argument is that WeChat 's ability to bundle features ranging from messaging to payments makes it easy for Chinese smartphone users to switch between platforms.

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・Suppression of cloud streaming services for mobile
With cloud gaming , you can play gaming apps that require high processing power without purchasing a high-performance smartphone, but Apple is hurting both developers and users by inhibiting the development of cloud gaming apps and services. is said to have caused damage.

・Exclusion of cross-platform messaging apps
This is a problem that occurs when messages are exchanged between iPhones and Android smartphones. In a typical case, the complaint states, Apple's Tim Tim was asked by a user, ``My mother, who uses an Android smartphone, can't send me videos. Do you have any plans to improve the messaging feature?'' There is an episode in which CEO Cook replied, ``Please buy your mother an iPhone.''

It has also been pointed out that Apple intentionally uses a design that makes messages from Android users feel uncomfortable.

It has been pointed out that Apple is implementing a design that makes messages from Android users uncomfortable by ``daringly'' making them green - GIGAZINE

・Decreased functionality of smartwatches not made by Apple
The Department of Justice has criticized Apple for preventing users who have purchased an Apple Watch from cooperating with other companies' smartphones and their own products, forcing them to continue buying iPhones.

・Restrictions on third-party digital wallets
This is designed with the so-called tap-to-pay feature in mind, which allows you to make payments by waving your smartphone over your phone. Apple is making it harder for users to switch smartphones by restricting payment functions provided by third parties such as banks.

White House Assistant Press Secretary Michael Kikukawa expressed the administration's strong approval by stating, ``President Biden strongly supports fair and strong enforcement of antitrust laws.''

In a statement to the media, Apple said, ``If this lawsuit is successful, it could impede our ability to create the technology that people expect from Apple, across hardware, software, and services.'' , would set a dangerous precedent for governments to wield greater power over the design of people's technology. We believe this case is wrong in fact and in law, and we stand firm against it. I will defend it,'' he said.

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