Claim that ``tidal energy has the potential to slow down the rotation of the Earth and is not renewable energy''

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In recent years,

renewable energies such as solar power generation, wind power generation, and tidal power generation have been growing to combat the depletion of underground resources and global warming. However, Jerry Liu, a scientist at Stanford University, argues that ``the energy generated by tidal power generation is not renewable energy.''

Tidal Energy - Not Renewable

Tidal power generation is a method of generating electricity that utilizes the ``

tidal force '' that acts on seawater as the earth rotates and the moon revolves, and uses the tide level, which changes depending on the time, to turn a turbine and drive a generator. is.

According to Liu, the Earth's rotational energy is slowly and naturally dissipated by the tides, but by using more tidal power in tidal power generation, the Earth's rotational energy will be reduced and the Earth's rotation will slow down. .

Regarding the factors that may bring about such a result, Liu says, ``It is based on the prediction that the Earth's inner core rotates faster than the Earth's rotation.'' When tidal power generation is used extensively, the tidal force drags the Earth's mantle and crust, creating a difference in the rotational speed between the inner core and the mantle, and the rotational speed of the mantle decreases to compensate for this difference. As a result, the inner core also gradually slows down.
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Based on the average pace of global energy consumption over the past 50 years, Liu says that if tidal power were to cover 1% of the world's annual electricity consumption, the Earth's rotation would slow down to the same speed as the moon in about 1,000 years. Approximately. As a result, one Earth day is the same as a lunar day, and a year is shorter than 12 months.

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Furthermore, as the Earth's rotation slows, one side of the Earth will be exposed to the sun for a much longer time, similar to the moon, and temperatures will rise. Conversely, the temperature on the other side will drop dramatically. Such large temperature differences create large pressure gradients, which give rise to strong ocean currents and huge storms. As a result, Mr. Liu is concerned that the earth's environment will become unsuitable for living organisms, and that most living things on earth may become extinct.

'Just 100 years ago, no one questioned that global warming was caused by the use of fossil fuels,' Liu said. 'Many people thought, 'Tidal energy produced by tidal power is renewable. 'In this situation, the potential dangers of tidal power generation are not widely known.' It also recommends, ``To save the planet, refrain from using tidal energy. Give future generations time to find solutions to avoid the catastrophe of slowing the Earth's rotation.''

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