Pi revealed up to 105 trillion digits, takes less than 70 days

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StorageReview , an information site that reviews various storage devices, have announced that they have achieved the 105 trillionth digit, a new record for the number of digits calculated for pi.

105 Trillion Pi Digits: The Journey to a New Pi Calculation Record - StorageReview.com

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Various research teams are trying to find unknown digits regarding pi, and in June 2022, a team led by Emma Haruka Iwao of Google Cloud calculated up to the 100 trillionth digit. .

Finally, the 100 trillionth digit of Pi was found, Google Cloud researchers spent about 5 months pursuing it - GIGAZINE

Storage information site StorageReview took on the challenge of calculating pi in April 2023 and achieved ``100 trillion digits in 54 days,'' which significantly shortened Google Cloud's record of taking about 5 months to reach the 100 trillion digit.

StorageReview Calculated 100 Trillion Digits of Pi in 54 days, Besting Google Cloud - StorageReview.com

We took on the challenge of going even further, and succeeded in calculating 105 trillion digits in 69.82 days from December 19, 2023 to February 27, 2024.

The hardware used for the calculations is a dual configuration (128 cores x 2) of AMD's server processor ` `AMD EPYC 9754 '' CPU, and 1.5TB of DDR5RAM memory. Storage is 36 units of Solidigm's QLC (quad level cell) SSD 'D5-P5316' 30.72TB. Of these, 24 were configured in a JBOF configuration and 12 were connected directly to the server.

CPU power is required to quickly proceed with calculations, but a large amount of storage is required on the back end during the process and to output the final text file, so 30.72 TB x 36 units are required. It appears that an SSD was used.

The StorageReview team leveraged a combination of open source and proprietary software to optimize the algorithmic process to fully exploit the capabilities of the hardware to reduce computation time and increase efficiency.

The 105 trillionth digit finally output was '6'.

The 105 trillion digit number is entirely due to storage capacity limitations, and the StorageReview team says, ``Storage will become even more dense. 'How long will it last? It won't be that long.'

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