Specifications of high-speed memory standard 'GDDR7' for graphics cards are confirmed, communication speed is twice that of GDDR6

JEDEC, a semiconductor technology standardization organization, has released the specifications for ` `GDDR7 '', a high-speed memory standard for graphic boards.

JEDEC Publishers GDDR7 Graphics Memory Standard | JEDEC

GDDR is a memory standard that allows faster communication than DDR, and is mainly used as memory for graphic boards. For example, NVIDIA's RTX 40 series uses memory with standards such as GDDR6 and GDDR6X, and AMD's RX 7000 series also uses memory with GDDR6 standards.

According to JEDEC's announcement, GDDR7 has twice the bandwidth compared to GDDR6, and the maximum communication speed per device will reach 192GB per second. Additionally, GDDR7 is the first JEDEC DRAM standard to use PAM3 as a signaling method, improving data transmission performance per communication.

JEDEC positions GDDR7 as ``a standard that meets market needs for not only improved bandwidth, but also improved services for cloud gaming and cloud computing, and adaptation to AI processing.'' In addition, when announcing the GDDR7 specifications, NVIDIA said, ``Thanks to our cooperation with JEDEC, PAM has become the foundational technology for GDDR7, allowing users to extract the maximum performance from their GPUs.'' Indicates intention to hire. Furthermore, AMD has expressed its desire to adopt GDDR7, commenting, ``By leveraging the transformative power of GDDR7, we will unleash the potential of computing and graphics into a new era.''

The GDDR7 specifications can be downloaded from the following page.

Graphics Double Data Rate 7 SGRAM Standard (GDDR7) | JEDEC

In addition, Samsung announced GDDR7 standard memory a little earlier in July 2023. Samsung's GDDR7 memory can communicate at up to 32Gbps per pin, and is also touted for its 20% improvement in power efficiency compared to GDDR6 memory.

Samsung develops the industry's first GDDR7DRAM, increasing performance by 1.4 times and power efficiency by 20% - GIGAZINE

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