There are many reports that the glass of 'Apple Vision Pro' suddenly cracked even though nothing was done, the repair cost is a whopping 120,000 yen

Multiple users have reported cracks in the front glass of their Apple Vision Pro, even though they haven't dropped it or hit it with anything.

Handful of Apple Vision Pro Units Develop Identical Crack in Cover Glass - MacRumors

According to Apple-related media MacRumors, the issue of cracks in the front glass of Apple Vision Pro was first reported on February 6, 2024, three days after Apple Vision Pro was released. thing. In a post on the bulletin board social news site Reddit, an Apple Vision Pro user wrote, ``I never used it outside of bed, and I always keep it covered and drop the unit on the floor when not in use.'' Nothing like that has ever happened.'

Posts from the Vision Pro Community on Reddit

The image below is an enlarged version of the photo posted by this user. It looks like there is a faint vertical white line.

Over time, more pronounced cracks were reported.

Cracked! But Not Dropped ????
by u/dornbirn in VisionPro

In this case, it was reported that the Apple Vision Pro was stored in a travel case while traveling and broke even though it was only used for a few hours a day.

Sudden, random crack in the front glass?
by u/inphenite in VisionPro

Another Apple Vision Pro user said he encountered this phenomenon on the first day.

Another Cracked Vision Pro
by u/ContributionFar8997 in VisionPro

The cracks are all the same, with a vertical crack appearing where the glass on the nose curves the most. Additionally, in both cases, the headset has been reported to suddenly crack for no reason after being connected to an external battery pack and stored with a soft front cover or in an Apple travel case. .

One theory is that this crack was caused by pressure being applied to the glass when tightening the strap, causing the frame to warp. Others speculate that an overheating issue caused the glass to expand and crack at its weakest point.

MacRumors pointed out that if the second hypothesis is correct, the heat would be due to an issue with software running in the background rather than the battery, given that the battery is external.

Apple's documentation says, 'Apple Vision Pro continues to draw power from the battery pack when not in use, so you can sync your email, photos, and other data.' In addition, if it is not worn for 24 hours, the power will automatically turn off.

If you subscribe to AppleCare +, the deductible amount for repairing the Apple Vision Pro's windshield, that is, the amount the user must pay, is $ 300 (about 45,000 yen). On the other hand, if you are not a member, it will cost you $800 (approximately 120,000 yen).

The Apple Vision Pro user who originally reported the issue contacted Apple Support about the issue and was told that since it was not certified as a structural defect, they would assume the damage was caused by the user and would be charged for the repair. I reported what happened.

MacRumors said, ``Normally, Apple applies special repair programs to products that are found to have hardware problems, but unless reports of the same problem are collected, it is unlikely that Apple will conduct an internal investigation.'' 'It's not expensive. If everyone who encounters this issue contacts support, Apple will be more likely to take the situation seriously and formally investigate, so please contact Apple support.' .

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