Wendy's plans to introduce a system that changes prices according to demand

Fast food chain Wendy's has announced that it plans to introduce

dynamic pricing , which changes prices according to customer demand. The company plans to start a trial run in conjunction with the introduction of digital menus to all U.S. stores by the end of 2025.

Wendy's Is Going to Introduce Dynamic Pricing

Wendy's Wants to Start Uber-like Surge Pricing in 2025


According to Wendy's first quarter financial results announced in February 2024, the company will begin testing dynamic pricing, which changes product prices based on demand, as early as 2025.

Wendy's plans to invest approximately $20 million (approximately 3 billion yen) by the end of 2025 to introduce digital menu boards to all stores in the United States, and will display changing prices on the board.

Although dynamic pricing is used by ride-hailing services such as Uber, it is a relatively new concept in the fast food world and has little precedent. If introduced at Wendy's, it is possible that, for example, the price of a product would be higher during busy lunchtime hours, lowered during idle time in the afternoon, and then raised again during dinner time.

Tests conducted by other companies in the past have yielded positive results, and consumers have been relatively receptive to price increases.

According to Wendy's CEO Kirk Tanner, in addition to dynamic pricing, the company plans to use AI to make menu changes and make menu suggestions. Tanner seems committed to making Wendy's an all-day destination, and plans to spend $55 million in advertising over the next few years to promote its breakfast program. I also made it clear that there is one thing.

Wendy's has been developing AI in partnership with Google for some time, and has a history of piloting AI for drive-thrus using its own AI solution 'Wendy's FreshAI.'

Wendy's announces ``Wendy's FreshAI'' to automate drive-thru with Google's generative AI - GIGAZINE

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